How To Use Alight Motion APP? (Ultimate User Guide)

How To Use Alight Motion APP? (Ultimate User Guide)

Alight Motion App enhances your professionalism in video editing and stands out from other professional apps. However, it’s necessary to know how to use the Alight Motion App to craft videos, pictures, and animations interestingly. Our experience and users’ feedback show that it’s an incredibly user-friendly and simple app.

Most importantly, even a beginner can use this app effectively after knowing the right procedure. Once you open the app, you will get all the options in front of you, and your journey toward editing gets started. Only you need to know how to use it effectively for what purpose. So, if you are stuck somewhere using this app, this guide is for you. Let’s begin!

Instructions To Use Alight Motion App For Editing

It’s pretty hard to write about all the effects, animations, and other tools in a short blog. However, we have shared a simple scenario to help you know how to use Alight Motion APK on your android phone. Let’s move on to the instructions below:

Step 1: Install The Alight Motion App

First, you must have the Alight Motion APK on your smartphone. Whether you are an android user or IOS, it’s available in both versions. In our recommendation, always download the Alight Motion MOD APK as you will get everything free and unlocked without paying the subscription fee. So, download it from our provided link.

Step 2: Import Photos

Suppose we want to make a video using the images. Here you can capture the images right away from the app or import the previously-captured photos. For import purposes, go to the Choose File Option, select the photos and click Import.

Step 3: Select Any of The Two Options

After that, edit your photos as a whole (apply all the filters and other stuff on all the images) or individually. For instance, we are going to edit them separately.

Step 4: Edit A Photo

Edit a photo separately, apply the filters, or adjust angles. There are many other options you can utilize, like cropping, color adjustment, and so on.

Step 5: Finish Editing All Photos

Repeat step 4 for the remaining images. Apply filters, transition effects, angle adjustment, color enhancement, and more. Here you can apply a single effect on all the videos if you want.

Step 6: Add Text

Editing is incomplete without adding text to the images. If you want to add individual text on all photos, go separately; otherwise, apply the text in a single row. Here you can use separate text layers or go with a single one if it does not require much editing.

Step 7: Add Other Stuff Like Emojis, etc

There is other stuff available to create a stunning piece of video, such as emojis and stickers. The library is full of thousands of such things. Go to the library and add a single layer or all the layers. If you don’t like the pre-installed stickers, you can add custom emojis and stickers.

Step 8: Save Your Editing

It’s time to save your editing and all the changes you have made to the images. It’s up to you whether you save each element or save overall editing with a click.

Step 9: Review Your Editing & Finalize

Eventually, it’s essential to review each edit you have made to the video. Add or replace anything you want and finalize it. In the end, save it again.

Step 10: Export or Share The Video

Congrats! Your video is ready to view. Watch and review everything in the video and finalize. Now export it to your local storage (in several resolutions such as 720p, 1080p, 2K, etc.). Not to mention, you can share it directly on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and more.

More To Get With Elements While Editing In Alight Motion

Elements in Alight Motion play a crucial role in editing, making it a stunning piece of professional video editing. Find them in reusable elements by selecting the option “My Elements Collection”. You can easily find it in the navigation bar.

It helps make your video editing project more spectacular, including hundreds of elements. The most prominent benefit is that you can create more stunning videos by saving stickers, layers, audio, and other items for future editing. It cuts down extra effort and allows you to craft a professional video in minimal time. Check out the procedure to use elements in video editing below:

  • First, install the Alight Motion apk on your smartphone if you don’t have it.
  • Run the app and select images to create a video.
  • After that, go to the Elements option and select the cool elements you want to add.
  • Click to add all the elements. On each element, you will get an option to add it to the video.
  • After that, review the video or add/subtract if you want.
  • Save the video and export it in any resolution.
  • Congrats! You have successfully used incredible and attractive Elements in the video. Watch and share it with friends and family.

Are Elements Important In Alight Motion?

Many people don’t use the elements, but they are indeed important for video editing. The reason is the same: they make editing easier, more professional, and more attractive. For instance, if you want to add a text, go to the elements, and do it within seconds. Use the options to adjust the size, opacity, and color stabilization. In short, the users have much more to do with Alight Motion Elements, and they can’t ignore it. Yeah! It matters a lot in video editing.

Final Words

To sum up the article, the Alight Motion mobile app is straightforward and simple to use for everyone. If you already edit your videos using any application, it will assist you more due to its stunning features, Elements, and huge library. Yes, you will get the best video editing experience. Download the app today, use it, export the video, and share it to show off on social media.


It’s easier to use this app on a mobile phone. Just open the app and import the images you want to edit. Apply the filters, edit the images individually, and add other stuff like stickers. Save the video and export it. Yes, you have done using the Alight Motion app for video editing.

Yes, it’s a universal application for editing videos and images on your smartphone. The well-organized tools and easy-to-use interface make it the best animation editing app.

It’s a video and animation editing app. Professionals and beginners can use it on Android, iPhone, iPad, and even on a laptop. You get professional-quality edits with the help of motion graphics, visual effects, and video composition.

No one likes watermarks; therefore, we offer you to download Alight Motion MOD APK. Here all the premium tools are free, and you get watermark-free videos every time.

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