How To Do Velocity On Alight Motion

How To Do Velocity On Alight Motion – A Guide For Beginners

Video content and editing skills are a hot topic among content creators, and they are looking for easy-to-use smart apps to save time. The most popular video editing app, Alight Motion, is now trending, offering advanced video editing features for video editing enthusiasts. The app’s beta version does not include many demanding features because developers are working on them.

With the velocity feature released, there is only one question left to answer: how to do velocity on Alight Motion? As the Alight Motion team always works for the better experience of users, how can they leave you in awe at such a crucial time? No need to worry at all.

If you are new to alight motion and want to learn how to do Velocity on Alight motion, hold your horses, and let’s begin to learn. 

In this article, we will discuss the basics of the Alight Motion velocity edit feature. We will also provide a step-by-step guide about how to do velocity on Alight Motion and answer your questions. So stay tuned with us.

What is velocity Editing – A Video Editor Analysis

When we hear the word velocity, our first thought is speed. However, depending on your preferences, you can adjust video speed anytime. In the case of video editing, velocity is defined as frames per second (FPS), which some of you may already know.

In addition, there’s no specific FPS for videos. Hence, video editors must choose the highest FPS based on various factors. Moreover, speed and velocity are two different concepts; we can increase or decrease a video’s speed over time, whereas velocity means changing a video’s speed at intervals, not over time.

Benefits of Using Velocity Edits in Alight Motion

With its diverse functions and day-to-day advanced features, Alight Motion is leading the world of video editing apps. But how does the Velocity Edit feature help your video editing process? Here are a few benefits of using it:

  • Create dramatic video effects by slowing or speeding clips
  • Slow motion in sports or action videos to emphasize action
  • Matching clip speeds with transitions for smooth video
  • Velocity edits for specific clips to draw attention
  • Adding emotion to videos with Velocity adjustments
  • Using velocity edits to highlight character experiences
  • Make your videos stand out with a velocity change

How To Do Velocity On Alight Motion – A Step-By-Step Guide

Remember to complete your video editing project before adding velocity edits to it. Therefore, ensure your video is set up properly with filters, animations, themes, stickers, music, and text. Follow these steps to get started with Alight Motion velocity editing:

Step 1: Add a Video

You must have your video at normal speed before adding the velocity edit effect. Also, make sure you have all the editor’s stuff you added before, like music, themes, stickers, attractive text, etc.

Step 2: Animation effect

You can select a standard speed animation from the Alight motion library and then play the video to see if the effects are applied.

Step 3: Add Layers

You will now explore the Alight motion library and add more velocity editing feature-based animations to your normal-speed video. However, your video has multiple layers, so you must edit it accordingly.

Step 4: Single Layer Editing

When you select a layer for velocity editing on your smartphone, a graph option appears on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Step 5: Graph Settings

In the graph settings, you will find four options, each with a different function and result, as discussed below:

  • Linear- Used to add constant speed to moving objects
  • Easy In– To slow down at the start and speed up at the end
  • Easy Out – Starts quickly and ends slowly for moving objects.
  • Easy In and Out – For objects with mixed velocities

Step 6: Video Speed Control

After adding the graph settings to meet your needs, select the video speed control that is most appropriate for your video. Save the file and try playing it to ensure the speed is appropriate.

Step 7: Repeat the process

Repeat the above steps for each video layer and edit them individually. Additionally, you may adjust each layer’s speed and graph settings as you wish.

Step 8: Video With Velocity Effect 

After successfully editing all the video layers, your video with Velocity Effects is ready. Play and replay the video repeatedly before finalizing it. 

Step 9: Export Video

When you’re done editing layers and adjusting velocity, it’s time to export it so you can share it. To do this, click the export button at the bottom of the screen, pick the video format, quantity, and resolution, and finish the process.


Which app is best for Velocity Edit?

Obviously, Alight Motion is the best velocity editing app. Moreover, the app is available for Android and iOS users and is completely free. Similarly, it provides several video editing features, including animations, transitions, themes, and text effects.

What is the cost of using Aight Motion Velocity Edit?

There is no cost associated with Alight Motion’s Velocity Edit feature, the most popular video editing app among content creators. Additionally, creators are now using this feature to add a creative and emotional touch to their videos.

Can beginners use Velocity Edit in the Alight Motion App?

Yes, anyone can use Alight Motion to add Velocity effects to video. But practice makes perfect, so watch tutorials and read this first. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to dedicate more time, energy, and time to creating other video projects if you do it.

What is velocity editing in video production?

Velocity editing refers to altering the speed or frame rate of clips at different intervals in a video. As such, it allows you to creatively speed up or slow down footage to enhance the video’s drama, emotion, and flow. Remember that velocity edits differ from standard speed changes in that you can increase/decrease speed within a single clip.

What are the best times to use velocity edits in videos?

Use velocity edits to highlight specific moments, vary the pace, create smooth transitions between clips, and add visual interest. Similarly, slow motion can emphasize action, while speeding-up clips can skip over less important parts. In short, velocity editing adds production value.


After the release of the Velocity edit feature by Alight Motion, many people are now expressing interest in video editing. Therefore, for a flourishing and sneak peek career, you must know how to do velocity edits in Alight Motion. In addition, it will add a unique and aesthetic touch to your videos, making them more attractive and interesting for viewers.

However, for those who feel adding velocity edit is challenging, don’t worry. Follow the guide above from beginning to end, and thank us for making it so simple. Also, remember to be careful as you start editing videos in Alight Motion. Using its editing features, you will become addicted and want to edit all your videos in the future, as it is a one-stop solution for all your editing needs.

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