How To Crop In Alight Motion in 2024

How To Crop In Alight Motion in 2024? (Ultimate Guide)

Alight Motion is a powerful mobile video editing application that allows you to create professional-looking videos directly on your phone. Cropping is a common video editing task, by importing your media into the project, you can choose the shape you want to crop your video and save it or export it to your phone’s gallery. 

Cropping is a basic yet essential function in video editing that allows you to trim down the size of an image or video by removing unwanted areas. In Alight Motion, this can be done easily using the editor’s intuitive tools. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you crop in Alight Motion:

Steps To Crop An Image/Video In Alight Motion:

Although Alight Motion is a very advanced tool, once you start using it, you can easily get used to its interface in no time. With Alight Motion on your phone, you can create tons of artistic videos in a few minutes. Many people often feel discontent when their images or videos have black or colored edges around their edits. This issue can simply be tackled by cropping the video or image the right way. If you have Alight Motion on your phone, just follow the steps below to learn how to crop an image/video in it: 

Step 1: Install and open Alight Motion on your phone 

If you have an iPhone, use the App Store to download Alight Motion on your phone and the Google Play Store on Android. Once the installation process is completed, open the application and start with the work.

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Step 2: Create or open a project

Firstly open a project or start a new one in order to crop. It’s better to open the project you want to do cropping in. 

Step 3: Import your video

Open the Alight Motion app and start a new project or select an existing one. If your video is not already in the project, import it. You can do this by tapping on the “+” or “Import” button and selecting your video file. Import the image or video you want to crop from your device’s storage. Select the media file and tap on “Import” to bring it into your project timeline.

Step 4:  Add the media to the editing timeline

Once your video/image is imported, drag and drop the imported media file from the “Media” tab to the editing timeline. It allows you to access the editing tools for the media file.  

Step 5: Select the Crop tool

On the editing timeline, tap on the media file you imported. This will bring up a menu of editing options at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the same + icon and in the first option you will see shapes. Tap on the shapes option. Choose the shapes in which you want to crop your video or images. There will be numerous shapes available to choose from. 

Step 6: Adjust the crop area

Once the Crop tool or shape is selected, it will appear on your image or video. Drag the lines around what you want to crop. The rest of the part outside the shape you have chosen will be cropped. You can click and drag any of the handles or corners to adjust the size and position of the crop area. 

Step 7: Select the Layer if you have any 

If you are working on a multiple-layer project, select the layer you want the crop to be applied. If there isn’t any layer, you can simply move on to applying it. 

After adjusting the crop area to your desired size and position, tap on the “Apply” button to confirm the crop and apply the changes to the media file. If you’re satisfied with the result, you can proceed with other editing tasks or export the cropped media.

Step 8: Preview and fine-tune

Make sure that the crop is accurately applied, and playback the media file on the editing timeline to preview the result. If necessary, you can go back to the Crop tool and readjust the crop area until you achieve the desired result.

Step 9: Save or export the cropped media

Once you’re happy with the cropped media, you can save your project or export the media file to your device’s storage. Alight Motion offers various export options, including resolution, format, and quality settings, choose the one that best suits your demands.

Tips for effective cropping in Alight Motion:

– Crop each layer mindfully. 

– Double-check the media before saving it. 

– Choose the appropriate shape for your edit, do not over-fancy it. 

– Be mindful of any important details near the edges of the media, as cropping may cut them off.

Remember that application interfaces may change over time, and new features may be added through updates. If you’re having trouble finding the crop tool or if the interface has changed, consider referring to the Alight Motion app’s documentation or check the app’s official website for the most up-to-date instructions. Additionally, exploring community forums or contacting Alight Motion support and help centers can provide helpful information and tips to you.


Cropping media is an essential part of editing to enhance your videos and images to make them appear more appealing. Through Alight Motion you can effectively crop your media and achieve the desired look for your videos and images. Whether it’s removing unwanted background elements, resizing to fit a specific frame, or creating a custom composition, the Crop tool in Alight Motion provides the flexibility you need for detailed editing.


  1. Can you crop multiple layers at once in Alight Motion? 

Yes, you can crop multiple layers at once and join them together to create an enhanced media file in Alight Motion. 

  1. Is it necessary to crop media in rectangular or square in Alight Motion? 

There are many other shapes for instance; triangles, Star, ovals, and many others shapes are available for you to choose from when cropping the media. 

  1. Can you save the cropped media in your phone storage?

Yes, you can save the edited media file in your storage at any of your chosen resolutions.

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