Alight Motion vs CapCut

Alight Motion vs CapCut- Which One To Choose And Why

Mobile video editing for beginners is made easy with apps like Alight Motion and CapCut. To guide beginners through the Alight Motion vs. CapCut dilemma, we’ve made this easy guide. Alight Motion is an advanced editing app with keyframe animation and vector graphics. Whereas CapCut is beginner-friendly. Choose based on your editing needs and budget. 

Beginner animators will love Alight Motion Pro, and TikTok users or Instagram Editors prefer CapCut. That being said, read the full features and comparison to make an informed decision about choosing Alight Motion or CapCut! 

Alight Motion vs. CApCut -Which One is For You?

Don’t have time? Take a glance at this table to make a quick decision! 

Feature Alight motion CapCutDecision 
Visual EffectsBetter for color correctionQuick and easy effectsBoth are equal for Visual Effects.
Multiple LayersAll-in-one with advanced editingUser-friendly multi-layer systemBeginners: CapCut; Advanced: Alight Motion
Keyframe AnimationAdvanced keyframe controlUser-friendly with less advanced optionsAlight Motion wins 
Vector GraphicsUnique vector graphics feature No dedicated vector graphics modeAlight Motion for vector graphics.
Fonts StyleOver 3000 fonts in various styles and sizes100+ fonts; 300 text effects, 240 bubble designs, 175 animationsCapCut for captions and font effects 
ExportingVarious Various Choose based on your editing priorities
PresetsPresets available Templates with cool effectsAlight Motion for Instagram and TikTok presets
Devices Only Mobile(or Android emulator on PC)All devices CapCut offers more versatility
Pricing $6.99 per month$7.99 per monthAlight Motion is more budget-friendly

CapCut vs. Alight Motion comparison

  • Visual Effects 

Achieving Visual effects is available on both Alight Motion and CapCut. Alight Motion offers features like fancy fonts, QR codes, color correction, and customizable transitions. On the other hand, CapCut has over 600 free options, including dreamy vibes, retro comics, and split-screen magic. Both platforms offer quick and easy ways to make your videos stand out. 

Bottom Line: Both are equal regarding Visual effects. 

  • Multiple Layers 

Alight Motion and CapCut each bring unique strengths to the video editing game. Alight Motion is like the all-in-one package–you can layer video and audio. Plus, it’s got a fancy timeline for serious editing. Conversely, CapCut boasts a user-friendly multi-layer system for images and videos. Whether you’re into Alight Motion’s all-encompassing capabilities or CapCut’s layer-centric approach, the choice boils down to your editing preferences.

Bottom Line: Alight Motion is better for advanced editing, but beginners should go for CapCut. 

  • Keyframe Animation 

When it comes to animations, Alight Motion and CapCut have a key trick up their sleeves: keyframe animation. For more customization and attention to detail, Alight Motion keeps things easy. It lets you smoothly add keyframes to photos and videos and even tweak the motion and speed. CapCut also offers keyframe animation for all settings. You can spice up your creations with frames, stickers, and text. Usually, it’s better to learn Alight Motion animation tips for improving video editing. 

Bottom Line: Alight Motion is better for advanced keyframe control, such as animation precision. CapCut, while having less advanced options, compensates with a user-friendly interface.

  • Vector Graphics

When comparing Alight Motion and CapCut for video editing, Alight Motion shines with its unique vector graphics feature. You’ll love how effortless it is to create dynamic motion graphic videos using a smartphone. Alight Motion wins with a handy set of vectors that can be easily customized. CapCut doesn’t have a dedicated vector graphics mode but compensates with practical filters to enhance visuals. You can sharpen or blur videos and images using these filters. 

Bottom Line: When it comes to vector graphics, Alight Motion takes the lead. It’s designed with exceptional vector graphics capabilities. 

  • Fonts Style 

Alight Motion throws in over 3000 fonts to glam up your videos in all sorts of styles and sizes. But, hold up, CapCut isn’t backing down–You get over a hundred-plus fonts in different languages. CapCut doesn’t stop there—it’s got an arsenal of 300 text effects, 240 bubble designs, and 175 animations to spice things up. 

Bottom Line: For captions and quickly adding textual effects, go for CapCut. And if you want to create texts with effects on your own, use Alight Motion. 

  • Exporting 

With Alight Motion, you’ve got a bunch of formats to play with–MP4, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and even XML. Just hit export, pick your favorite, and it’s ready for your social media spotlight. Meanwhile, CapCut gives you a heads-up on file size as you choose resolution and frame rate, maxing out at 4K and 60fps. 

Bottom Line: Choose based on your editing priorities, whether format flexibility or fine-tuning video quality.

  • Presets 

CapCut is all about templates—ready-made videos with cool effects. It’s like customizing a pre-made pizza with your favorite toppings. Now, Alight Motion takes a different route with presets. Take your favorite edits from Instagram or YouTube, and you can get them on Alight Motion. Search “Capcut presets” or “Alight Motion presets” on YouTube or Tiktok. 

Bottom Line: Alight Motion is best when it comes to Instagram and TikTok presets. 

  • Devices 

CapCut is a versatile choice for editing on both PCs and mobile devices. Alight Motion is tailored for iPhone and Android but can be used on a PC with an emulator. Choose CapCut for straightforward editing on any platform. 

  • Pricing and Watermark 

Talking money, CapCut will cost you $7.99 every month, while Alight Motion is easier on your wallet at $6.99 per month. So, if you’re watching your spending, Alight Motion is the more budget-friendly option. Both have Watermark, which gets removed if you have the paid version! 

On the other hand, use a mod version of Alight Motion or CapCut to get the premium benefits for free. 


Consider your editing desires, budget, and personal preference–Both are available for mobile video editing. Overall, whether you’re riding the advanced animation rollercoaster with Alight Motion or enjoying the breezy beginner-friendly stroll with CapCut, the choice is yours to make! 


1. Can I remove watermarks on video editing apps?

Yes, both Alight Motion and CapCut offer a paid version that removes watermarks.

2. Which video editing app is better: CapCut or KineMaster?

CapCut stands out for its simplicity and ease of use, making it a great choice for beginners. On the other hand, KineMaster offers a broader range of features, catering to users with more advanced editing needs.

2. What alternatives are there to Alight Motion?

Top-rated alternatives and competitors include Prezi, Simplified, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Camtasia.

3. What are the minimum RAM requirements for Alight Motion and CapCut?

Both Alight Motion and CapCut have the exact minimum RAM requirement of 2GB.

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