Alight Motion vs After Effects

Alight Motion vs After Effects – Which is the Best in 2024

Alight Motion and After Effects are two distinct tools offering unique features in the video editing industry. When a newbie starts in the video editing field, so many softwares, apps, and editors are enough for the confusion. But the question arises: which one to choose and why? We go through the same question when talking about Alight Motion vs. After Effects. To solve the mystery, we are here with a complete comparison.  Check also: Alight Motion vs Kinemaster

 Alight Motion is designed for easy video editing on mobile devices, enabling users to create animated graphics and videos effortlessly. Meanwhile, After Effects specializes in creating complex animations and effects for videos, providing advanced users with many editing tools. 

Alight Motion has an easy-to-use interface that’s great for beginners because it’s simple. On the other hand, After Effects has a more complicated interface with lots of tools that could be tough for people new to editing.

If you want to know the differences between Alight Motion and After Effects, let’s compare what each can do. 

Alight Motion Vs. After Effects: Simple Video Editing Comparison

Alight Motion helps edit videos on your phone. You can easily make animated graphics and videos with it. While After Effects is for creating advanced animations and effects in videos, it takes time and practice to get good at it. However, Alight Motion is user-friendly, especially for beginners, due to its easy touch controls. 

In contrast to that, After Effects is more complicated, offering many tools that might be hard for beginners. So, what’s the difference between Alight Motion and After Effects in terms of capabilities, scope, ease of use, and budget? To find the answer, check out the table of features given below.

Features Comparison Between Alight                               Motion And After Effects

FeaturesAlight MotionAfter EffectBetter-Choice
User-Friendly InterfaceSimple interface suitable for beginnersProfessional interface but is complicated for newbiesAlight Motion
Animation CapabilitiesBasic to intermediate animation toolsAdvanced animation toolsAfter Effects
Effects and FiltersLimited effects and filtersExtensive library of effects and filtersAfter Effects
Keyframe AnimationBasic keyframe animation functionalityAdvanced keyframe animation capabilitiesAfter Effects
EasyFor LearningEasy to learn and get startedChallenging to learn complex featuresAlight Motion
Supported PlatformsAvailable on mobile devices (iOS/Android) and PCAvailable on PC(Windows/Mac) , not available in MobileDepend On Use
Motion TrackingLimited motion tracking featuresAdvanced motion-tracking toolsAfter Effects
Performance SpeedFaster performance on simpler projectsSlower performance for complex projectsAlight Motion
Professional UseSuitable for basic editing and simple animationsIndustry standard for professional video productionAfter Effects
PriceFree basic version, subscription for full features7-day trial, subscription-based pricing afterwardAlight Motion
Subscription Paid6.99 Dollars per month59.99 Dollars per monthAlight Motion

Discovering the Differences Between Alight Motion and After Effects

After Effects and Alight Motion have unique strengths for creating motion graphics and visual effects. After Effects offers extensive VFX tools and advanced editing tools, like 3D camera tracking, making it perfect for complicated projects. Furthermore, It’s used a lot in the industry because it works well with other Adobe software and has many extra tools you can add. 

On the other hand, Alight Motion is more straightforward to use and works on your phone. Make it handy for quick editing and simpler creations, especially for social media. The best part is that it is affordable and accommodates many social media templates like IG, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and others.

Better-One: The decision between After Effects and Alight Motion depends on what users need and like. After Effects is significant for complex motion graphics used in professional projects. Alight Motion is more straightforward to use on mobile devices and works well for simpler animations and editing.


Alight Motion is great for beginners and quick mobile editing for social media. It’s easy to use and affordable. However, After Effects is for more advanced users and is ideal for creating complex motion graphics and effects for professional projects. It’s more challenging to master but offers extensive tools for advanced editing. Choosing between Alight Motion and After Effects depends on your requirements and skill set.  

After Effects is best for professional projects due to its advanced tools, while Alight Motion is perfect for quick and easy editing, especially for social media content creators.


Q:1 Is After Effects Enough for VFX?

A:1 After Effects is a powerful tool for adding cool effects to your videos. You can create unique shots by blending different images or using rotoscoping to separate things from your videos and add unique elements, like 3D graphics, to make scenes look fantastic.

Q:2 Can 8GB RAM run After Effects?

A:2 After Effects requires at least 8GB of RAM to work correctly. However, Adobe suggests using 16GB of RAM for better performance.

Q:3 Can we download After Effect on Mobile?

A:3 Unfortunately, you can’t download After Effects on Android because it’s made only for Windows and macOS computers, like laptops and desktops.

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